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New USB 3.0 industrial
and single-board camera series

Available in board-level and housed form factors, the 27 camera series features a compact and robust industrial design and Aptina CMOS sensors. The Imaging Source, international manufacturer of machine vision cameras and software for industrial imaging, have introduced a newly developed series of industrial and single-board cameras featuring Aptina CMOS sensors.

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igus gives HudRail a helping hand in its Railway Challenge

A team of undergraduate mechanical and electrical engineers from the University of Huddersfield competed in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers' Railway Challenge, at the Stapleford Miniature Railway, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Up against teams of students, apprentices and graduates from other UK universities and industry, the HudRail team had to design and build a miniature (10¼" gauge) railway locomotive. The train then had to compete in a number of track-based and presentation challenges including…..

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New high speed 70kHz confocal controller is
ideal for high speed surface scanning, distance
and thickness measurement applications

Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has launched a new high speed confocal sensor controller equipped with an integrated super bright LED light source, making it suitable for high speed (up to 70kHz) distance and thickness measurement applications, including high speed surface scanning and topography. The new confocalDT 2471 confocal chromatic controllers are designed for high speed distance and thickness measurements of mirrored, transparent, shiny and diffuse surfaces. The controllers are compatible with all Micro-Epsilon confocal IFS series sensors.

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Plastilam to purchase Smartrac
Prelams for Contactless Access Cards

Plastilam, a major US-based provider of RFID hotel key cards, has contracted to purchase millions of genuine, secure Smartrac PRELAM® inlays for contactless access cards over the next three years.

Smartrac inlays provide a gapless proof of authenticity and origin for contactless cards and products. Hence, users can enjoy a maximum level of quality, security and reliability from their RFID-based products, without harming any of Smartrac's Intellectual Property rights. Plastilam has been producing access cards for the hospitality market for 30 years, and PRELAM inlays will allow the company to continue providing high-quality, reliable, secure products for its customers.

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Automatic condition monitoring system prevents
unplanned downtime of pumps at water treatment plant

Conventional systems for machine monitoring are costly and complicated. In contrast, the FAG SmartQB is so easy to use that our employees do not require any specific knowledge of vibration diagnosis. They can get started right away," explains Joachim Dankwardt, deputy manager, water treatment department at the Perlenbach water supply association.

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LASE launches new product:
"LaseAVP - Automatic Vehicle Positioning" for AGVs

Next to LASE further positioning systems for trucks and straddle carriers this new product completes the portfolio of applications for positioning tasks under STS-Cranes. Thus LASE can offer the right solution for every horizontal transportation vehicle now. Applicable for up to three lanes.

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Joint research creates new visions

How does a cell react to a certain drug? How do tumor cells move?

In a special ceremony held during October 2016, biotech company, ibidi GmbH, received their top "Science Category" award from this year's country-wide contest, "Deutschland - Land der Ideen 2016". Their collaborative project, "ibidi - Analysis of Living Cells", helps answer the question of how various industries can benefit from collaboration in the field of medical research, and was rewarded for positively reflecting the contest's theme of companies and organizations teaming together to solve current social, medical, and economic problems.

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Newcomer in double pack

InfraTec is pushing ahead with the development of its high-end camera series ImageIR®. With two new models, the range of thermographic cameras with cooled FPA photon detectors is increasing once again for potential buyers that also search for detectors of different material (MCT, InSb).

A detector with (320 × 256) IR pixels is built into the robust, light alloy housing of the ImageIR® 4300.

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